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Specializing in Complex and Casting Parts 

 CNC prototyping services are available worldwide. We help reduce development time and move on to production and market faster than ever before.

operator inspection dimension of high precision cnc turning parts.jpg


With 16,661  square feet of manufacturing space of high precision CNC equipment, we can accommodate any production need, from long- to short-term projects. CT Precision Machining can also produce functional prototypes from a variety materials, including metals and plastics.


CT Precision Machining employs a highly skilled team. Our experts are here to predict design issues and consult on design optimization. We offer the experience and personalized project management that’s impossible to find in a “rapid prototype” factory.


CT Precision Machining works with a network of trusted providers to offer full-service contract manufacturing. Some of our post-processing services include powder coating, plating, grinding, and heat treating.

Materials We Machine

Low Carbon Steels





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